J-Cleans Carpet & Upholstery Care Kit

Carpet Care and Stain Removal Kit

This Carpet & Upholstery Care Kit provides the required cleaning products to care for and maintain the appearance of your carpet & fabric upholstery.

Carpet & Upholstery Foaming Shampoo

Used to remove areas of general soiling.

Dried in Stain Remover

For the removal of stubborn stains such as dried in tea, coffee, blood etc.

Spot Stain Remover

Used to remove a variety of stains.

Quality Cleaning Cloth

Excellent at cleaning carpets & upholstery to a lint free finish.

Oil, Ink & Shoe Polish Spotting Wipes

Used to remove fresh ink stains, oil and shoe polish.

Useful Tips for caring for your upholstered furniture and carpets.