Clean carpets in your brand new home

One of the first things you'll likely want to do when you move into a new home is get it nice and clean for a fresh start. In the process, you might be surprised to find issues that were covered up when you originally saw the home. Perhaps a piece of furniture hid marks on the carpet. Instead of trying to scrub the stain out yourself, pick up the phone and contact a professional carpet cleaner. Stains from food, footprints, pets and all kinds of everyday activities occur no matter how hard you try to prevent it. You've almost got to expect that unless the carpet in your new home is brand new there are going to be some marks of living on it. If the previous owners had pets you might have fur caught deep down in the fibres, which can play havoc with allergies. Despite vacuuming, carpets can hold onto dirt, grime and other debris for years if not professionally cleaned. Home cleaning devices are great for spot cleaning but if you want to do all the carpets in your new home to get rid of evidence of the previous residents, you need a professional. If you were considering replacing the carpets in your new home because of their dull appearance, contact us first. You could save thousands of pounds. The best time to get your carpets cleaned is before you've moved all your furniture and boxes in. That way you can be sure to get a thorough job done wall-to-wall for a fresh new home experience.

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