Latest testimonial

I wanted to share the great testimonial we received this morning.  However its too long for the box format :) so here it is in full

"thank you to 'J CLEAN' for a great job done in my home recently.  All the cream carpets came up a treat including the gravy and red wine 'drips' on the dining room carpet !!  The cream upholstery on two chairs in the lounge lovely and clean including some very stubborn 'water marks' and my two oriental rugs - which get a lot of through tread - came up glowing.  I think this was the third visit over the years from 'J CLEAN';  I have to confess I did try an alternative - cheaper - company since your previous visit, but it was not worth compromising on cost as the end result was nowhere near as good.  'J CLEAN' was originally a recommendation from a neighbour and now, at least 3 in our immediate neighbourhood use your company, but I would not hesitate to recommend 'J CLEAN' to others.................................




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