Spot & Stain Removal

If you have accidently stained your carpet or upholstery we have a range of specialist products and years of technical experience for removing spots and stains. Contacting us straight away and allowing us to work on the stain quickly will in most cases achieve an excellent result. Help and advice: Always act quickly and if in doubt call us for free advice, it could save you the cost of replacing your carpets or upholstery. Time is important if a stain is left untreated it may become impossible to remove. We do recommend that you use the products in our J-Clean Care Kit which are available to order from this site if you prefer to tackle the stain further or would like to spot clean the marks on your carpets and upholstery yourself. View our J-Clean Care Kit here. Always be patient and never panic when trying to remove spillages on your carpets and upholstery. You should never scrub or rub as this distorts the pile which can then lead to a permanent marking. Never use off-the-shelf supermarket shampoo products as these tend to set the stain and clog the pile with sticky foam that is impossible to rinse out and can in time cause the area to darken where dust and dirt then sticks to the dried in foam. Also these products use oxidising bleaches which work by tinting stains to make them less visible but they do have a tendency to bleach and lighten fibres. In most cases gently dabbing the affected area with a clean white towel will lift most spillages. If a stain is still evident dab the area with a white towel rinsed in COLD water working from the outside of the stain inwards to stop the stain spreading.

Stain removal Herts

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